Microgaming Roulette

Online casino software and development company Microgaming provide an enormous amount of quality casino games, and in that outstanding portfolio you will find a fantastic selection of Microgaming roulette games. Microgaming deliver all three roulette variations of American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette however you will also discover that Microgaming have developed variations within those 3 categories that cover all manner of betting limits, as well as providing a great progressive roulette game.

Types of Roulette

While many casino games development companies have satisfied themselves with covering the basic roulette variations and left it at that, Microgaming have gone a little further, taking this classic casino table game to as many levels as possible. Microgaming American Roulette offers the standard double zero game, while their European Roulette offers the classic single zero variant, and while many development companies stop at that Microgaming have added the French Roulette version which offers a standard European style single zero wheel with the added bonus of the La Partage rule which means that if the ball lands on zero then you will only lose half of the amount of your outside bets, i.e red or black and odds or evens, and this rule cuts the house edge down dramatically.

On top of these you will also find a progressive version called Roulette Royale in which a progressive jackpot may be won when your number drops in five times in a row. Smaller prizes from the progressive jackpot amount can be won when your number comes in 2, 3 or 4 times, and the jackpot grows with every bet that is placed on Roulette Royale in all participating Microgaming casinos. The Microgaming roulette selection also contains a multi-wheel version in which you may place bets on up to eight wheels at a time. The graphics and realistic gameplay on all Microgaming roulette offerings are superb, however they have saved the very best graphics, sound effects and betting limits for their headline roulette offering, the Microgaming Roulette Gold Series.

Headline Roulette

The headline roulette offering within the Microgaming range is that of the Gold Series and you’ll be presented with wonderful 3D graphics and animations, and such realistic gameplay. The Gold Series was introduced in 2005 and provides a brilliant online roulette experience, with close up action of the ball as it drops into the pocket, a fully customizable table layout and even a fast paced mode for super fast action. It really is a standout and unique offering and roulette players in Microgaming casinos enjoy it immensely. You’ll find European, French, Multi-wheel and American Gold Series Roulette available and you will also be able to place bets of up to $2,000 available when playing Gold Series Roulette.

Roulette Statistics

Most serious roulette players will play either European or French roulette as the house edge is much lower than it is on the American version. This is simply down to the double zero on the American roulette wheel. The French version that incorporates the La Partage rule will offer the lowest casino advantage of just 1.35% on all even money outside bets, while the American version gives the highest casino house edge at 5.26% and European Roulette provides an edge of 2.70%.